Insulators Local 99 Members

As part of our on-going commitment to make our members’ lives richer and more rewarding, Local 99 continues to fight for better working conditions, better benefits and better wages for all insulation workers through collective bargaining and advocacy.  

As a member of Local 99, you have access to a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to defending your rights and interests in the workplace, ensuring that as an insulation worker, you get the support, opportunities and job security you deserve 

It is our goal to establish a united, collaborative and inclusive community of workers. We value the opinions of our members and encourage them to voice their suggestions and concerns both on the job and at meetings. 

Member Benefits 

By joining Local 99, you gain access to a host of meaningful labour benefits including health plans, pension plans, insurance, exclusive training, and other discounted services. All benefits are made available through Coughlin & Associates Ltd. who design and administer group medical, dental, disability, life insurance, pensions and other benefits across Canada. 


Code of Conduct  

The International Association of Heath and Frost Insulators promotes jobsite excellence and customer satisfaction from members. The Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct (PCCC) outlines the rules, and workplace regulations for all workers of the insulation industry. To ensure a safe, respectful andproductive workplace, we ask our Local 99 members to adhere to the standards of the PCCC. 


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